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PrimusEco is an Anglo-Scandi family team and company

PrimusEco is all about good team work and dedication not only to clients but for a good working and personal relationship too.


Peter is an engineer who has built and managed projects from South-Africa to several European countries. Unlike most he didn’t start small and move into bigger things – he started by building data centres and moved to ecological wooden buildings only some years back when he pulled out of the rat race in London and went rural in Dordogne.

He has always been a passionate do-it-yourself man and self-builder and is still thinking of finding the right river for a double lodge to really enjoy bird spotting, fishing and cooking on open fire when not working.
He took the best of what the data centres taught him and implemented that into lodges: Importance of faultless details, structural perfection and accepting only the best.


Maria takes care of the creative side as well as marketing and introducing lodges to surprising places.
Scandinavian languages are not easy and her being a native makes it possible to design structures and projects which require being between a client and a manufacturer who does not send out a product which hasn’t been tested and perfected.

She is also the head of the Canine Leisure Team and conducts the most important meetings on early morning walks.
Her plan is to open a unique lodge restaurant built on the shape a snowflake.

The Canine Leisure Specialist Gainsbourg and Rumble are currently designing a unique dog house which makes being in it a honour and a pleasure and not a shame. They will also soon start contacting people running boarding kennels and catteries to offer them new and exciting guest houses.

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