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Kota - restaurant or a barbeque hut

As presented on TV “Hidden Restaurants with Michel Roux JR” Channel 4

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Kota - restaurant or a barbecue hut to guest house - as presented on TV Hidden Restaurants with Michel Roux JR Channel 4

Discover the Kota, a hexa- or octagonal EcoLodge which has evolved with nature. Kota is a sturdy Finnish polyvalent eco-space. It makes a perfect Hidden Restaurant or a barbeque hut – a hutta of happiness! It serves as a guest house for friends and clients or a haven for foodies and lets you enjoy your beer garden year-round, set up a catering kitchen or maybe a street food outlet. And there is no better garden office either. The options are endless.

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The building material of kotas is hardy pine which seeks the cold summer sunlight and the freezing Northers Lights of the long winter. Each trunk grows straight towards the light and the wood fibres form tight and even-shaped growth circles which makes Finnish pine ideal material for building made-to-last wooden houses.

See an example of their versatility here

Kotas are fast to erect, either as DIY or by our team; they are nomad structures which are delivered in elements. They are ideal to build in hard to reach places like islands requiring a boat transport. They don’t need a cement foundation but a meticulously levelled, tightly packed base is important. Each wall or roof element can be lifted by one to three people and the tools required don’t need electricity. Each Kota also arrives with ready to install wooden floor.

Discover the Kota

Kotas from Hidden Restaurants to guest houses.

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Kotas can be joined which makes them ideal to grow with each individual budget. Start with one and finish with a flower of six and design your own EcoLodge Environment. The sizes of Kotas vary from 10 m2 to 34 m2 and can also be built to client’s bespoke requirements.

The Kotas can be delivered with a central wood burning barbeque surrounded with wooden table, complete Lapland dining sets from hand carved wooden drinking cups Kuksas to rustic knives and reindeer skins to cover the seats.

Prices start from GBP 5.000 excluding VAT and delivery.

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