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info_outline Frequently Asked Questions

  • arrow_drop_down_circle What are the uses of my lodge?
    It depends of you. If you order the bbq to go with it you are obviously having a year-round barbeque lodge at your use. Our clients use lodges as guest houses, at least one has started her yoga studio in a lodge, the smaller models are also popular as children’s playrooms – the list is endless. The lodge is precisely what you want it to be. A place to feel good.
  • arrow_drop_down_circle Can the lodge be insulated for all-year-round use ?
    Yes it can – and if you are good with DIY why don’t you do it yourself ?
  • arrow_drop_down_circle Can the lodge have power and water supplied to it ?
    Yes it can. Speak with your local electrician and plumber.
  • arrow_drop_down_circle Does the lodge need gutters ?
    No, the roof is very steep. You can install a rainwater collection system if you want to.
  • arrow_drop_down_circle Are the windows double glazed?
  • arrow_drop_down_circle How long does it take to build up my lodge ?
    If you follow a YouTube tutorial and have level-headed DIY friends to help the smallest model is up in less than a day. For the bigger one reserve a weekend.
  • arrow_drop_down_circle Can I re-site my lodge if needed ?
    Yes it can but it is hard work though !
  • arrow_drop_down_circle How easy is it to join lodges together ?
    You definitely need to have a good understanding of the structure and good DIY skills but it is totally doable. Remember that well thought out project is half done so do not rush it.
  • arrow_drop_down_circle How do I get the lodge into my garden which can be only reached through my house ?
    The elements can be carried through your house, they fit in from your door. Just make sure there is enough space to turn around corners.
  • arrow_drop_down_circle Does my lodge need painting or varnishing ?
    That is up to you. Wood develops a beautiful silver hue when it ages naturally. On the other hand you might want to have your lodge customised with your favourite colours ?
  • arrow_drop_down_circle Do I need a cement foundation to build my lodge ?
    No. A levelled, tightly back sand bed or similar is enough. The lodges arrive with self-supporting floors.
  • arrow_drop_down_circle Do I need a crane to lift up the elements ?
    No but you need enough manpower and strong backs and arms.
  • arrow_drop_down_circle Can I build a lodge without a planning permit ?
    Check first with your local council. The below offers a basic guideline in UK. In France go and speak with your mairie, explain in detail what and where you want to do and ask for their help.
    • NOT used as a bedroom.
    • Is located to the rear of the property.
    • Does NOT exceed 4 metres in height (3 metres to eaves)
    • Any part of the building within 1 metre of the boundary does NOT exceed 2.5 metres in height.
    • The building footprint is NOT greater than 50% of the properties outside space.
    • Is NOT in a conservation area, unless it is under 4 metres sq.
    • Is NOT within the boundary of a listed building.
    • Is NOT part of a flat, apartment, or tenement.