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Eco-lodge Sauna - The ultimate Place of Relaxation

EcoLodge sauna can be easily built in the garden or it makes your holiday or fitness business offer that one little bit more. Take a sauna after a tough bicycle ride or a ramble or make yourself mellow by combining sauna with yoga and meditation.

Gite et sauna? Mais oui!
Our saunas are 9 m2 and delivered fully equipped and as all our lodges they are meant to be use year-round.

To get to know more about saunas and their benefits take a look of the links below:

Want to live longer and be healthier ? Use a sauna twice a week. Rhonda Patrick, PhD (biomedical science), Dr explains the basics why:

For a really scientific explanation read the article in American Journal of Medicine by doctors Hannuksela and Ellahham:

And here are the top ten reasons why sauna really makes us feel better AND look younger too !

Tele-Matin / France 2 tells about sauna in French:
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Sauna is pure magic. Build yours with PrimusEco.

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